We Provide Temporary Roof Scaffolding

Temporary roof scaffolding and covering is an almost an essential component for waterproofing in the construction of a scaffold structure when you need to repair tiles or have a leak in your roof. After all, how many rainy days does the UK suffer? If you are waiting for a new roof to be installed on your property, don’t expose it to the elements. We can deliver the temporary roofs for weather and waterproofing protection you need at a low price. Our tin hat scaffold prices with monarflex and corrugated sheets start at £3000 but can rise to £100k + for larger jobs.

How Our Scaffolding Structures And Canopies Give Effective Weather Proofing & Coverage

We can provide several different types of corrugated temporary roof coverage with a shrink wrap. The most popular and cost effective temporary roof coverage system available is traditional corrugated sheeting. Like many other temp roof canopy structures, this type is compatible with the 450mm or 750mm alloy Layher or Haki beam system. Layher scaffolding beams are versatile and can be used to build many kinds of temporary roofs and roof canopy structures, including the support. The same can be said for the Haki beam temporary canopy system. Both beams are reliable, robust and can be excellent as a scaffolding framework for temporary roof coverage and waterproofing, this tin hat system also comes with monarflex or a shrink wrap and the most robust corrugated sheets. 
Using the traditional temp roof coverage system, we can build the corrugated canopy structure to the intended ridge height of the new roof. In doing this, we have to ensure that the alloy beams we use on all temporary roofs are of the correct span. We install them by using double coupler components and tying tubes to the front and rear of the beams so that the span across and over the property is properly supported. When these are in place, we install purling tubes at the centres of the beams that will support the steel sheets.