Why do I need scaffolding around a chimney?

Some of the main reasons you may require a chimney scaffold is to gain safe access to and around your chimney stack to carry out the following:

  • Maintenance or repair works
  • Repointing of the brickwork
  • For adding lead flashing
  • To install a new flue
  • Complete demolition of the stack

Having a chimney scaffolding erected will prevent falling from height and thereby keep yourself safe whilst you are carrying out any works.

It is always recommended that you hire a professional and trusted scaffolding company Like Surrey & Berkshire Scaffolding to erect a structure that you can safely use. All of the scaffolds we erect around chimneys are put up with the highest quality equipment and by fully qualified scaffolders.

It is one of the most common access solutions we provide for domestic houses and commercials properties, especially in Surrey & Berkshire. So, no matter what type of roof pitch, size or where your stack is located on the roof we can guarantee we will erect a safe, fully boarded and handrailed chimney scaffold to suit your needs.